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joined instagram a little while ago and unlike most social apps i actually like it :P

think ill start adding more sketches etc to it also, so if you want to follow just search "DanielC"  

some random pics




Scorched earth by arcipello

after many requests ive managed to find time to upload the poster version and the desktop version of my latest work:)

desktop can be found here >>>>>… <<<<<
Well some of you may remember i uploaded a video showing myself creating the image Skin Deep and that the video couldn't be shown due to the fact that the magazine it was created for was still on sale.

well time has passed and now i think its safe for all to see:)

watch it in HD here --------->>>…

Skin Deep by arcipello

just had to hide the video i uploaded to youtube showing myself painting my image "Skin Deep" which i created for ImagineFX some months back because the issue it was for is still on sale in certain countries around the if you want to see it buy the issue :)

good news however is that ive just added a new piece of art to my gallery which is a rare thing these days, so go check it out! :)

Colours in the Dark by arcipello
I've been freelancing for the past 8 months or so and although its fun to work from home in just your boxer shorts, the novelty soon wears off :P

inhouse studio work is what i was made for, so thats what im wanting to get back to. making this journal entry to widen my potential net, no idea if ill catch anything but its fun to try:)

also just discovered DA's cool portfolio creation, nice to have a clean way of viewing selected work so i had to make one for myself here

back to filling out application forms :(

Say Hello

Thu Aug 20, 2009, 4:58 PM
Say hello to Tony Holmsten :icontonyholmsten: , a good friend i used to work with who has just joined DA:) go check out his work, you wont be dissapointed :D

and the gate opens.. by Tonyholmsten

tree spirit friends by Tonyholmsten

random stuff by Tonyholmsten

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Classy art theft...

Thu Jul 2, 2009, 12:53 PM
I've seen my stuff used without my permission hundreds of time and usually the art thief doesn't even use it for a good cause or a product that is even relevant to the image, that's the main reason i don't like art theft... it just makes my work look bad. But once in a while i see something that i actually kinda like and don't particularly mind the illegal aspect so much.

this is one such case, a clearly bootlegged version of stand alone complex with some official art and my own merged actually works really well!

check it out here…

if only more art thieves had good photoshop skills :)

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Noticed my journal was WAY out of date so i browsed around to spotlight some fun artwork, ill try to update this every week to keep things moving.

Anyway this week my spotlight found MikaŽl Aguirre :iconorioto: and in particular his reworking of some of my old favourite games. go check him out and say hi :)

Mario World by Orioto

Green Hill Zone by Orioto

Mickey and Donald by Orioto

Yoshi's Playground by Orioto

Oh and in other news i somehow managed to get some artwork on the cover of the new Corel Painter 11 box :)…

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Hey everyone, i've recently recorded myself painting an image by capturing a lot of screenshots, but right now im not entirely sure as to how to put them together into a video and upload them onto youtube at the best quality possible. so if there are any iMovie or adobe premier experts out there who would like to help me out leave a message after the beeb :P

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Very Devious indeed!

Wed Oct 1, 2008, 3:39 PM
I check this page a couple of time every day to read comments etc but not much changes really, however today is slightly different...


thanks to all those that recommended me for this:) and a bigger thankyou for the DA community as a whole!

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New print added to store

Fri Jan 18, 2008, 2:22 PM
Yes its been a while since i added anything of worth to my gallery but its been even longer since ive actually added a new much so i had to learn how to use the new system:o

Anyway my latest image is up now so stop noting me about it (you know who you all are) :P

Softly sleeping by arcipello

p.s. noticed im getting scarily close to the big 1, 000, 000 page view !!!!

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Photograph my Prints!!!

Sat Dec 15, 2007, 10:07 AM
I was looking at my print stats the other day and realised quite a few of them must be hanging on peoples walls, it got me thinking as to where in the world they might be hanging so why not ask:D

If you have a print of mine could you snap a picture of it with yourself next to it if possible, if i can get enough photographs together i would like to make a montage image with a list of all the locations etc.

you can upload your image here

but make sure its a nice clear image and also not too big, then post them here.

This is just one of my random mini projects i do from time to time so join in if you want:D

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Flickr&#039;d !

Sat Sep 8, 2007, 9:10 AM
Been forced by family and friends to get some online photo gallery so that they can keep track of my travels while im in Stockholm, so i decided to get a Flickr page:D

ive uploaded a whole bunch of my photography for people to check out and comment on here…

if you have a flickr account also you can add me as a "friend" and ill do the same!


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Weekly Spotlight

Mon Aug 27, 2007, 2:32 PM
decided to start doing my spotlight segments again and showcasing some random talent from around DA no matter what medium its in, if i like it, ill post it :D

this week is some spiffy digital art by artbytheo ... that sounded odd :o hes clearly a big fan of a certain other digital artist.

anyway check out his gallery and leave some nice comments on his page here :iconartbytheo:

Waterfall City EXTREME by artbytheo

Giant by artbytheo

mah baby by artbytheo

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Spot the difference

Wed Aug 22, 2007, 2:42 PM
Ive had my work ripped off countless times over the years and never actually recieved an apology from anyone, even when its REALLY obviouse.

take this image for example…

My original is on the left and :iconmouritsa: is on the right

According to the artist its a total fluke that the ended up looking nearly identical, so much so the folds in the cloth are the same too, what are the chances of that!

she cant convince me although she certainly has tried, maybe you will be more convinced.... and of course she "didnt use any photoreferences" which is nice to know.

p.s. i got an apology!!!!!!!!!

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Stockholm here I come!!!

Sun May 20, 2007, 7:02 AM
Well its time once again to move onto greener pastures:D

I quit my job at Splash Damage since it isn't really a company for artists or creativity in general, and thats just the tip of the iceburg. Anyway myself and a few other former SD artists are moving to Stockholm to work with another games company by the name of GRIN on some really cool next gen (does that term even apply these days:P ) games, we are all looking forward to it since at this company we will actually be able to freely creat artwork to make the game look as good as it can:D The company was actually founded by artists and so visual quality is a big thing...and even bigger for the publisher who i cant name:P

im also trying to learn a little bit of swedish here and there, but thankfully the company has language classes so i think i shall attend a few:D

If anyone is from Stockholm could you perhaps recommend some cool places for nights out etc or just interesting places to visit?

Hej dŚ!

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Anyone know CSS???

Fri Apr 27, 2007, 3:27 AM
Hey guys, i decided to actually get a subscription last night and then realised it was kinda pointless unless i could actually do something cool with it. So after looking at a few custom journals such as and i thought it would be good to jump on the bandwagon..only thing is im not sure how:(
So i was hoping someone knew of a bunch of templates that would allow me to place my own images and text etc.
Personally i dont think being able to customise a journal is enough, if i pay money for a subscription i should be able to customise my entire page and really make it mine. i've been on this site for like 5 years now and quite frankly im bored of my pale and sick looking green backdrop. If DA really want to get people subscribing then this is the best way forward, at the moment i can barely tell who is subscribed and who isnt...if my idea was implemented that wouldnt be and issue and seeing really cool custom pages would be the best form of advertising for the subscription scheme.

Anyway back to my original topic, anyone know CSS and want to help me out???

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DigiBrush chat time

Thu Mar 29, 2007, 3:01 PM
Just a random journal to say im in the mood for chatting:D

click on the banner to join in!

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DigiBrush chat time

Thu Mar 29, 2007, 2:57 PM
Just a random journal to say im in the mood for chatting:D

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Yep my favourite program has just had a nice juicey upgrade:D

Corel contacted me a fair while ago and got me involved with the BETA program so id been using it a month or so until i eventually got my hands on one of the gold master disks to try to final product.

They also added me to the Corel "Painter Masters" list.... which was nice:D…

and btw the "hobbies" section on there is WAY off... ive never done any gardening in my life! haha

If your wanting to check out Painter 10 you can download the free trial here >>>… you should see Painter X half way down that trial software page.